A house has its own character, its own history across various owners and its own story.

This is the story of one such house which has watched people come and go through happy and sad times, busy moments and quiet pauses.

Clifford James Loney an early owner,Clifford j Loney

born in Guernsey in 1880

family immigrated to Canada in 1883

grew up and educated in Toronto

60 years of Christian ministry

The Loney Family

And his wife, Catherine Elizabeth Ratcliff

Catherine E Ratcliffborn in rural Ontario

trained as a nurse in Toronto

married CJL and became a minister's wife


The Ratcliff Family

Their daughter, Kathleen Louise Loney.


Kathleen Matheson

Kathleen Loney/Matheson

She married DeLoss Healy Matheson in 1943.






The Matheson Family

The House on Mountain Avenue

Mountain Ave

The House


George is interviewed by Tom Harper regarding


(second part)



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