George's Writings

Researching Our Ancestors' Lives:
The Books They Read as Children








I discovered your wonderful magazine on a recent trip while looking for great airplane reading. And great reading it proved to be! I especially loved George Matheson's story about children's books and their formative influence. What a wonderful collection of books and illustrations, all deftly tied in with his own family. -- A Reader


The House that once was

  Guernsey around the World - Sarnia, Ontario


Nurse or Wife: An Early 20th Century Choice



The Old Family Cottage

Muskoka Cottage 1928 Cottage in Muskoka

Real Photo Postcards: ‘Selfies’ of Another Era

Selfies geneaologyRPPC Camera


Solving Mysteries in Cemeteries

Candie Cemetary Loney Graves Guernsey


Why Guernsey
Castle Cornet
Why Guernsey

“From the Boys at the Front”


Carbon Dating Bellieuse Farm House

Standing Stone

Kook, 'Krook' or Klansman?



Christmas Cards: A New Christmas Tradition

Reflections on a Life



An Old Photo Led Me Back to My Roots

Bellieuse Farm

Again from the attic -The Man with the Sword

Fenian Rais Soldier


From the attic - The Man in the Attic

WA Stephens Poet